Finding Cheap Car Insurance after Making a Major Claim

Car insurance rates depends on many factors including your automobile, driving history, other drivers listed on the policy and claims made in the past. Nobody likes the though of facing any problems with their vehicles. However, there are so many things can happen to it regardless of how good a driver you are. It can get hit by a brick, someone scratches, steals or run into it on the street, it may be flooded with heavy rains or trees may fall on it. When you are looking at pictures of cars flattened by trees you probably never think that it could happen to you.

Luckily we can pay a few hundred dollars a year and have a peaceful sleep at night. Unfortunately, Those a few hundred dollars can stretch to thousands if you have claims in your records, especially large one. They usually ask the details of the claim and take it into consideration. Accident related claims where you are hundred percent at fault is the worst ones.

After that you can forget about the cheap auto insurance rates you used to get. You need to accept the new norm and work on that bases. However, it doesnt mean that you cannot get affordable rates. In particular, you should be able to find several companies that will be more understanding if this was the only claims for a while.

It Could Happen to the Best of Us

You see this is the view they take when they are looking at an experienced driver who has had a claim recently. So, the age and driving history of the policyholder is taken into account when vehicle insurance companies are considering the claims. You should always remember this point and dont take a bad quote from your current provider in a hurry. Think about all those premiums you have been paying all those years. This is your time of need and it is your right to expect the insurer to come to your aid.

What Happens with a Young Driver?

The situation is a bit different with a young driver. They are already high risk and expected to get involved in accidents. You may have to brace yourself for a steep increase in your premiums after a big accident in your first or second year of driving. You will have to be prepared to look hard and deep to find coverage within your budget.

A good way of dealing with such problem is to take advance driving courses. This is a way of saying that you are doing the best you can to improve the situation and make sure that you will not have another incident like that.

What Happens If You Have More than One Claims?

There is no need to pretend that it will be easy for you to find cheap automobile insurance. Youd better forget about the rates you have been getting before the accidents. Once you have more than one incident it suggest that you are getting into habit. However, it is not totally inconceivable that you were just totally unlucky recently. You may be able to sell this point to your insurer if those claims werent at fault accidents. For example, if one was a hit and run by another driver and the other one is flood damage you should be looking for an insurer who would distinguish between at fault and no fault claims.

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