What Happens If You Drive without Vehicle Insurance

As in many countries vehicle insurance is needed if you want to drive. Not only the owner must buy coverage for his automobiles but also he needs to make sure that everyone who drivers it is insured. Even though each state has their own insurance legislations this is the case across the United States. If it is the law there must be consequences of not following it like fines, suspensions and jail sentence.

Many motorists may think that they can get away with it as long as they dont get caught. However, it is only matter of time that you will be caught and have to answer for it. People must carry certificate of insurance to show to police officers in the even of being stopped. Many people can have this document electronically these days on their phone or tablets. In many states, police officers can quickly check if you have the required coverage or not.

Possible Fines and Tickets for Driving without Auto Insurance

If you are caught you will end up paying around couple of hundred dollars of fine and you will receive a ticket that will increase your car insurance rates. Even more importantly, your automobile will be confiscated and you will need to buy insurance for it to get it back at the end. So, you may end up paying a lot more than the premiums you managed to avoid so far. Not getting insured cannot be a long term solution unless you live in the wilderness where there is no laws.

Repeat offenders will face steeper fines and probably be taken to court. Then, it is up to the judge to decide what sort of punishment to be handed down. They can even take away your driving license or sentence you to community service or even prison if you were caught driving dangerously or even drunk. Severity of your actions will determine the severity of the punishment.

Possible Financial Consequences of Driving without Auto Insurance

As mentioned above, you may get away with it and never get caught. If you get caught, you may even talk your way out of it without getting a ticket. If you get a ticket it may be a small fine and you may be alright with it. However, things get a lot more complicated when you have an accident and caused injuries to other people and  damages to their properties.

Certainly, you will be booked and processed and appear in the court for dangerous driving and having no coverage. That puts you automatically in a difficult spot in many ways. First of all, some states dont allow motorists who dont have insurance to claim for their own damages on third party policies. So, even it wasnt your fault you may have to pay for the repairs to your auto out of your own pocket.

Now, it is not only about what the law says but what those people you caused damages and suffering says. You can expect them to just go away and forget about it. They will want their losses paid. If you cannot, they will sue you to the full extent of the law. If you dont have enough money to pay for them you may have to keep paying them for years until you paid them all.

What happens in worst case scenarios? What happens if you seriously injure someone. That is alone pretty difficult thing to take. How would you feel about yourself seeing them suffer because of you physically and financially because you dont have insurance to pay for their medical bills? There is a lot to consider.

You may be better off finding cheap auto insurance coverage, instead of taking the risks mentioned above. Many people get one or two car insurance quotes and get scared of the high prices. What they dont know is that there are many other companies to go to and eventually find more affordable policy.

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